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The global energy market has been de-stabilized in recent years by volatile gas and crude oil prices, and growing concerns over energy security and environmental sustainability. Air pollution is seriously harmful to the natural environment, human health and hinders the development of social economy. Improved energy efficiency and emissions reduction are increasingly important and demand for appropriate technologies is growing. Yashentech’s technologies and product line address these near and long-term market demands.

Yashentech Sootless Diesel is produced by blending oxygen containing sootless diesel esters into standard (common) diesel fuel in a specific proportion. The specific preparation process and additives in our Sootless Diesel can greatly reduce or even eliminate the particle emission of diesel powered vehicles while increasing thermal efficiency.

The Yashentech dimethyl carbonate (DMC) Program offers advanced technology to produce DMC from CO2 and methanol. An aggregation of many technological breakthroughs, the Yashentech DMC technology enables, for the first time, the production of DMC for clean energy applications in a profitable and efficient process. DMC is an ideal fuel additive and blending stock for standard commercial diesel.

Yashentech's Compact Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Technology converts synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) into high value and ultra clean chemicals or fuels. Syngas can come from a variety of feedstocks including biomass, methane, coal, and as ab industrial off-gas. Yashentech’s Compact FT Technology enables the production of high value product with low capital to ensure profitability at small scale.

Yashentech HTR&D Technology significantly improves the efficiency of R & D, and accelerates the transformation of laboratory concepts to industrial processes.