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High Throughput R&D Technology & Systems

Yashentech's HTR&D Technology significantly accelerates the R&D process, reducing the cost of commercializatio for catalytic materials and advanced processes. The suite of integrated high throughput hardware, software, and advanced informatics tools and services offers our global clients an opportunity to equip themselves, at low cost, with state-of-the-art R&D capabilities. New, high-quality products can be brought to market quickly and at minimum cost.

The combination of industry experience and proven innovative abilities of Yashentech’s team with the products resulting from their research in high throughput experimentation technology, provides our customers with; i) high throughput technology for advanced catalyst preparation, screening and testing, ii) modeling and scale-up using reaction networks, reaction kinetics, mass and heat transfer, and, iii) industrial process optimization and process informatics.

Yashentech's PRS System features a wide range of operating windows (pressure, temperature, flow capacity, and catalyst loading) for process flexibility. Various gas phase and trickle bed applications can be investigated, including catalyst screening and testing, reaction condition optimization, reaction kinetics studies, and catalyst lifetime testing.

The PRS system provides reliable, high quality, data using cutting-edge engineering system technology and seamless integration of state-of-the-art software. The easy-to-use software enables automated high throughput experimentation. A common software platform for experimental design, execution, tracking, analysis, and evaluation maintains high flexibility and reliable operations. The PRS systems are readily combined for further greater functionality, efficiency and flexibility.

Uniformity: Uniform flow and temperature across all 16 channels, PRS serials can be customized as 4/8/16/32/128 channels, etc.
Precision: Channel to channel temperature uniformity less than ±0.5℃ in general and better than ±0.1℃ for system used for kinetics studies
Flexibility: Wide range of operating windows (pressure, temperature, flow, and catalyst loading) to enable high process flexibility in various gas phases and trickle bed applications; high throughput online & offline analysis
Easy-to-use: Integrated user-friendly software for experimental control, system monitoring, data processing, etc.
Safety: Over-limit protection of pressure and temperature, automatic shut down for gas leakage, utility failure, and flexible protocol according to user predefined safety procedures
Expandable: System with 16 to hundred channels can be customized

A Versatile System for Catalyst Development

* Catalyst screening and testing
* Catalytic reaction condition screening
* Catalytic reaction kinetics study
* Mass and heat transfer study
* Process optimization
* Process modeling and scale up
* Catalyst lifetime testing


Petroleum Chemistry
Hydrogenation: hydrocracking, HDS/HDN, selective hydrogenation;
Partial oxidation
Coal Chemistry
Syngas conversion: Fischer-Tropsch reaction, Methanol/Ethanol/Higher alcohols/ Polyalcohol synthesis, Clean gasoline/diesel
Methanol conversion: MTO/MTP/ MTG, Methanol to DME, Methanol to DMC
Natural Gas Chemistry
Steam reforming
CO2 reforming
Environment Protection
De NOx/SOx,
Automobile emission treatment
Air pollution treatment
Waste-water treatment
Bio-derived Feedstock Transformations
Bio diesel
Bio ethanol


The Yashentech High Throughput Data Management System (HTDMS) is a comprehensive software suite, built organically from the ground up specifically for high throughput experimentation data from chemical and materials research. Capabilities include experiment design, material preparation, processing, experiment execution, catalyst screening and characterization. Further integration and management of diverse sets of experimental and analytical data is possible with built-in facility for collaboration worldwide.

1. Experiment Workflow Service Foundation(WSF)
WSF includes Experiment Workflow Design Center and Execution Center software. The Design Center software allows users to design and automate the experimental process and setup and track the relevant parameters. Data associated with the process including, temperature, pressure, flow rates, as well as human-machine interactions are packaged in the software’s Activity library. Users can assemble a complete experimental workflow using drag and drop operations. The Execution Center software controls the execution of the experiment based on a design from the Design Center software. All the data is automatically acquired during the propagation of workflow. Users can pause / resume at any step of an experiment, or modify parameters in real-time, without compromising the data integrity.

2. Equipment Common Control Platform (ECCP)
ECCP is a platform that accelerates development process and lowers maintenance cost of experimentation and system control applications. It is a simple yet powerful tool and an enabling technology for designing, developing, testing, executing, diagnosing, and managing metadata-driven componentized application for experiment automation and laboratory system control.


3. Data Analysis Studio (DAS)
DAS is an integrated analytic infrastructure software designed to facilitate process of data integration and/or transformation, data browsing and visualization, experimental and analytical data analysis, and advanced modeling. It is designed to solve data analysis problems with the capability that fits the feature and practice of high throughput research and development. It provides an integrated analytic platform and a collection of applications and tools featuring intuitive point-and-click that meet the demanding needs of integrating, transforming, exploring, processing, analyzing, modeling, reporting, and publishing research data in day-to-day research activities.