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Compact Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Technology

Efficient utilization of remote and small-scale low-cost carbon resources can be both environmentally sustainable and an economic opportunity. Economic viability is the key to such resource utilization. Small scale facilities for resources, such as industrial tail gas and stranded natural gas have traditionally been limited economically. Yashentech has developed the advanced Compact Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (YS-FTS) technology and integrated downstream product finishing technologies that successfully meet the economic criteria for small-scale production. For the first time carbon resources such as industrial tail gas can be used to produce high-value chemicals. High-value paraffins and lubricants can be economically produced. The advent of YS-FTS technology helps traditional industries to diversify their product-lines and revenue streams for growth in their competitive fields.

The successful commissioning of the demonstration plant shows that the YS-FTS is technically solid and provides validation data for the economic projections.


* Small-Scale Facilities
* High Product Value
* Simple, Safe, Operation
* Superior Product Quality